It is estimated that up to one-third of the entire country has bad credit as a result of their debt. This means that most likely, one of your friends, a member of your family, or even you have bad or no credit. 

How We Can Help

At Best Buy Imports, we understand that even the most financially well-prepared people can run into tough situations and end up with bad credit. This is precisely why we want to help customers re-establish their credit with a purchase of one of our used cars for sale in Philadelphia, PA. With our “buy here, pay here” services, customers with bad or no credit can easily and conveniently purchase a vehicle from either of our fully-stocked Philadelphia locations. Buying a car from us makes sense because we can help you re-establish and build your credit with consistent, on-time loan payments.

Easy And Convenient Loan Repayment

We make it simple and hassle-free to repay your car loan with our “pay here” services at Best Buy Imports. Simply stop in and drop off your regularly scheduled payment and rebuild your credit.

In some cases, in as little as six months, a history of timely and consistent car payments can begin to show progress in your credit score. This can quickly accumulate, and soon you could be enjoying an improved credit score and all the opportunities it provides. 

A Stress-Free Shopping Experience

At Best Buy Imports, we offer an unrivaled selection of over two dozen makes of cars featuring scores of styles, types, and models. We can make the process of rebuilding your credit with a vehicle purchase fun and exciting with our enthusiastic and motivated sales staff. They’re highly knowledgeable about all of our automobiles, so you can be sure to get the perfect car to fit your needs and uses. 

At Best Buy Imports, we provide high-quality used cars for sale in Philadelphia and are proud to offer our customers an opportunity to re-establish and build their credit. To speak with a sales representative, call us at 215-309-8830 or stop into either of our convenient locations today!